In a highly competitive and fast paced environment, as major actors of an industry in permanent mutation, airlines are facing the challenges of improving their Flight Safety, of complying with ever changing National Authorities and EASA regulations while keeping operational costs under control if not improving them.

TrainByWire™ is the leading provider in addressing these issues with the help of its highly experienced and robust privileged partners.

We maintain close relations with the National Aviation Authorities and our privileged partners Training Organisations are all EASA approved (ATO). We can therefore guarantee you an efficient, flexible, cost effective and fully compliant service with no compromise on Flight Safety which is at all times positioned at the center of our preoccupations.


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TrainByWire™ offers taylor made partnerships and outsourcing opportunities in the fields of:

    • Airbus and Boeing type rated pilots, test pilots, instructors, examiners and senior examiners supply
    • Cabin and flight crew screening
    • MCC
    • Airbus FBW aircrafts family type ratings, CCQ and recurrent training
    • Instructor and examiner initial and recurrent training
    • Threat and Error Management (CRM + HF) courses
    • CBT/EBT/ATQP implementation


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The easiest way to understand Threat and Error Management (T.E.M.) is to liken it to defensive driving for a motorist.

The purpose of defensive driving is not to teach people how to drive a vehicle (how to shift a manual transmission) but to emphasise driving techniques that people can use to minimise safety risks (techniques to control rear-wheel skids).

Similarly, T.E.M. does not teach pilots how to technically fly an airplane; instead, it promotes a proactive philosophy and provides techniques for maximising safety margins despite the complexity of one’s flying environment.

In this sense, T.E.M. training can be framed as defensive flying for pilots.

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About us

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TrainByWire™ is always looking for the best instructors and examiners to join our team on a freelance basis. Although we cannot answer every spontaneous application, rest assured we’ll have a close look at your CV should you decide to send it to us.

TrainByWire™ currently doesn’t offer any full-time position.